Tahüll: «I want to help bring the CNAB to the top»

septiembre 6, 2017


Finishing the season with titles is the dream of every athlete when it starts a season. But there are titles that, moreover, make special illusion. The season of Roger Tahull can be classified as very good. Not only at a collective level where the league title has been achieved, but also at a personal level, setting a remarkable season and being one of the standards of his team.

Well it’s true, and our sportsman has made it clear on several occasions, that the goal was to play Final Six. However, Tahull knows that things have been done well and worked as it should.

From his beginnings in Waterpolo, his great passion, Roger Tahull has been aware that to reach success you need to always train 100% and have a good relationship with colleagues and coaching staff. A fact that may seem simple and basic, but that the great elite athletes know that sometimes not everyone takes the same. His work, his effort and his struggle have made him important in every game he has played.

Year after year the growth is evident and despite obtaining more or less titles, Tahull has shown to evolve in every moment. For him the season on a personal level «has been good both physically and mentally, although obviously we must continue working to improve. I’ve been pretty regular. » And it has been in spite of occupying one of the most difficult and important positions, the one of buoy. This year, the Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta began suffering the march of Balazs Sziranyi, and that low had to supply it Roger Tahull. The confidence of the coaches has been total and he has returned it with more.

International with Spain, Tahull has set two goals, bring the CNAB to the highest possible level and get the maximum possible titles to return the selection to the site where it deserves. This summer will have a great opportunity, disputing the World-wide Water Polo of Budapest 2017. The one that can be a first step to continue growing and demonstrating to the world the potential that has in the swimming pool.


«The Waterpolo for me? Dedication, discipline, fellowship, fun … a lifestyle »

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