The most difficult match … the parents!

septiembre 6, 2017

The most difficult match … the parents!

All coaches start the season when the games are more difficult, which rivals have been better reinforced, which players will be available during the season … but we never know what role we will play in the case of the parents.

All the teams have their peculiarities, all the children and players are different but sometimes I am surprised at some phrases that Sunday after Sunday I hear on the football fields (in many games, only the children still do not have the strength to lift the ball

Phrases like:

You have to do everything because your partners are very bad!
My son is messi
My child does have a future
We could comment on this, but I prefer to analyze these 3 to draw conclusions.

– We should never underestimate our children’s partners (and less ahead of them).

To the child, do not forget and gradually adapt to your situation and as a consequence will not continue to progress to the level that should, since even if they are, we must know that they are sonable. a his companions.

– By the famous phrase of «My son is Messi!», I would clearly say a NO.

For all, our children are the best in the world; however, we must let them enjoy it and do what they like in the way that they enjoy it most. Let’s not fool ourselves, if it has to be «Messi», it will be. But we did not benefit him at all by telling him. It is obvious that if the child has to dedicate to live football professionally, today all the clubs of world-class level have any impressive infrastructures capable of capturing the player of the most humble team in each region.

«Another pearl is also:» My child has a future … «unconsciously, if we speak this in front of other parents, we are underestimating others. To this, it should be added that surely the «child» has a future, but maybe he plays football because he likes and his future is an architect, computer or maybe firefighter … what is this is having no future?

Separate mention for the parents who dedicate themselves from the minute 0 to insult and verbally attack the referees (do not forget that your children hear everything),.

I leave you an anecdote from a couple of weeks ago. I went to see a regional game, in the end played a game of Pre benjamines (6-7 years), the referee would not be more than 16 years. They did not take 15 minutes of game when a father jumped into the field clearly threatening the poor guy who was refereeing. At that moment I thought a little and said: is it worth it? Really a little interest is the interest for about 15-20 euros you can win?

My surprise was even greater, when this father began to call his son to leave the field.

What is in the minority, and that fewer and fewer «characters» of this type are approaching the changes. At the same time, also comment that the rest of the parents showed their disagreement with said «personage» and they reproached her behavior.

Maybe he prefers to start by talking about ours, football, but because of the circumstances, I was forced to comment on this subject to the barbarity of aberrations that every week can hear on football fields. I never forgot that football is at stake and children are playing games.