Who benefits most from sports marketing?

septiembre 6, 2017

Author: Marc Tahull

Nowadays, sports marketing has helped companies to promote their services and / or products in a simple and fast way. Sport is a world that moves many people and is able to gather huge numbers of people into one event. Therefore, companies invest money in sports events as well as sponsoring teams or athletes. In turn, these athletes and entities have also been able to benefit in one way or another.

In the case of companies, it is true that the advertising that can be done by investing in sports marketing is huge. The most significant cases are the NIKE, current sponsor of one of the main economic powers of the world; F.C. Barcelona, ​​or the multinational Adidas, in turn, sponsor of Lionel Messi and Real Madrid. These two big brands invest millions of euros each year for a sports entity and / or a football player to display their logos; whether on a T-shirt or boots. Imagine a match of the F.C. Barcelona and how many thousands or millions of people may be watching it. All these people, in a more precise or more innocent way, are continually watching the sponsorships that the protagonists of the event show.

Another source of money is what surrounds sports entities and athletes. These are willing to sell their image to major brands and companies. They want to benefit from the strong image and repercussion they have in order to obtain an extra financial aid, apart from the benefits of the sale of tickets, articles and services in the case of the entities; as far as athletes are concerned, have access to an extra salary regardless of their own as a sports professional. Not to mention that entities also use the image of their players to sell items and promote events.

Now let’s try to answer the question, «Who is the biggest beneficiary of Sports marketing?» Personally, I think it’s a cycle in which some benefit from others and so will continue as long as there are beneficiaries. There is no greater or lesser beneficiary, because each one looks for his own interest and will always feel better than the other.

And what do you think?

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